Dr. Monica Sanchez

She is the Executive Director, UNESCO, Institute for Fashion Education, USA. She is an International cultural Ambassador, was born a native of a Caricom Country, which is the republic of Guyana, formally known as Bristish Guyana. Dr Sanchez is armed with PHD, a criminal justice degree, a business degree and a few other degrees. Monica believes education is the key that can open all doors. She lives by the simple principle that, “the beauty one sees outside is the same beauty that exist inside”.

She is the winner of the first Ms Guyana USA pageant, International Fashion Designer, Cosmetic line Enterpreneur, Fashion Coach and Consultant, Producer, organizer of several social events including the DANNY GLOVER POWER OF DREAMS AWARDS, several Beauty pageants, Miss African Union Worldwide Pageant, Miss Caricom International Beauty Pageants. She was honoured by the National Action Network for her outstanding work in promoting and empowering women all over the world at their 10th Annual women of Excellence Award held March 31, 2006 in New York City.